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ARCHIVED: Using UniCom, how can I send a file?

At Indiana University, the Office Communicator client for Windows no longer works with the UniCom service. Windows users should download the new Lync client instead. See ARCHIVED: About the UniCom Lync deployment.

Note: For Mac users, UITS recommends Lync for Mac to connect to UniCom at Indiana University. Communicator for Mac and Messenger for Mac are not supported.

Using Communicator clients, you can send a file to another individual UniCom user, but not to a group. Sharing files via UniCom can help you conserve your email storage space (although if you use Exchange and choose to save your IM conversation history, UniCom conversations will count against your Exchange storage; see In IU's UniCom system, is there a record of my calls and IM conversations?)

If you are in an IM, phone, or video conversation with one other person, you can send a file by dragging it into the conversation window. If you are in a conference, you can send a file to one person at a time. Right-click the person's name, click Send a File, and select the file to send.

You can also send a file to any of your contacts at any time by dragging the file onto the contact's name in the main Communicator window.

In all cases, the recipient can choose to accept or reject the file transfer. Certain file types are blocked; see At IU, what types of files cannot be transferred through UniCom?

You cannot share files using Communicator Web Access.

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