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UniCom displays the presence status of all users enrolled in the service, so that you can easily see when people are available to be contacted. Your presence can describe your activity, location, willingness to communicate, and contact information. If you have an IU Exchange (Outlook) account, it can use your Outlook Calendar to automatically set your presence or you can set it manually.

With presence, when you want to initiate communication with someone via email, voice, IM, video, or desktop sharing, you can see whether he or she is available to talk. In addition, you can set access that allows only certain people to interrupt you when you are in “Do not disturb” mode.

Printable quick reference card (PDF): Instant messaging and presence

Choosing the software
Lync, Mobile, or Outlook Web App: Which is right for me?

Using headsets, webcams, and specialized phones

Instant messaging
Starting an IM session

See instantly who's available

Audio and video calls
Making PC-to-PC calls and phone calls

Conference calls
Talk to many at once

Desktop and file sharing
Work on a document with a colleague or share files

Managing contacts
Creating contacts, creating groups, and changing the view

Advanced features